Between the mid '50's until 1988, Johnny Moncada has worked on advertisement campaigns of important companies in Italy and abroad, at the beginning as a photographer, and from 1973 founding in Rome HG Pubblicità agency. Other than the above mentioned companies, he worked with Adria, Bi-Oro, Binaca, Binella Cosmetics, BNL, BuitoniGalbani, Iva, LuxMercier, MonsavonNapoleon, Phonola, Pure New Wool, Real Food, Rosy Paris, Snia, South African Airways, Torre in Pietra and Valtur.

Agip / Eni


He begins as a photographer in the late 50's and continues to create campaigns until 1988.  Important was the campaign in 1975 Agip Sint with Niki Lauda (see photo), and in 1981 Agip il tuo tetto sulla strada.  Other than photographic shoots he created all the promotional material published on all important magazines.


He begins working in 1960, when as a photographer he shoots the first campaigns for Pgbs agency. In 1965 he becomes the creative director, working on the Alitalia campaigns.  After founding his own agency he continues working for Alitalia.  Many were the famous models he used in these campaigns such as Ali MacGraw, Joan Whelan (see photo), and Barbara Bach who in 1969 posed with hostess suits designed by Mila Schön.


Banco di Roma

Moncada worked on the photographs for Banco di Roma in the mid 60's. In the photo on the left he portrayed his daughter Benedetta.

Casse di Risparmio Italiane

Important image realized by Moncada for the Banco Postale, present in all the post offices of Italy. The boy is his son Francesco, the only child ever to appear on a stamp in the history of Italy.

Ciga Hotels

This campaign was realized in the mid 70’s when the photographer already ran HG Pubblicità, Moncada's advertisement agency. Other than the photos he curated all the promotional material for the chain of Ciga Hotels.

Eve of Rome

This photograph was published in the important fashion magazine "Linea Italiana" in the fall-winter of 1967-68. The beautiful model who was chosen to advertise the famous beauty salon in Rome Eve of Rome is Mirella Petteni.

Ferrovie dello Stato

Moncada worked on the photographs for Ferrovie dello Stato in the late 50's. In the photo on the left he portrayed his wife Joan Whelan.


Moncada worked for the Perugina campaign during the mid 60's. He also collaborated with Luisa Spagnoli (1956-65) and Buitoni, all three belonged to the same industrial family.

In this photo is his son Alberto.



From the late 50's to the mid 60's Johnny Moncada worked on many Piaggio advertisement campaigns. He concentrated on the launch of the Vespa in the late 50's.

Qantas Airlines

Among Moncada's most important clients for whom he worked on many campaigns during the 80’s. He also modified the International campaigns by adapting them to the Italian market.  His son Alberto Moncada, who at the time had just graduated in Communication at Boston University, worked on this account at HG Pubblicità, Moncada's advertisement agency, between 1981-82.

Niki Lauda, 1975

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